Pure Services has the personnel capable of closely integrating with manufacturers staff to produce cranes that match the client expectations. Our staff are crane people, with real knowledge applicable to the needs of containerterminal specialists such as MFT. You have requested design review as part of the inspection process. This service we feel assists the integration of the TPI company and the end user, to form a united front whilst dealing with the manufacturer. Furthermore, in our experience this process always uncovers unwanted errors which can be eradicated in a timely manner.

Equipment procurement consultancy

  • Refine clients specification
  • Provide full system to tender process
  • Offer latest technology consultation
  • Support client in evaluation/ negotiation
  • Seamless Integration of TPI process into the tendering/ procurement system
  • Summary of benefits
  • Complete audit-trail for full "cradle-to-grave" data management
  • Hierarchal controls allowing "strict confidentiality" on commercial and/or technical data
  • Simplified standardization of specifications and data
  • Single repository for all equipment data benefiting both manufacturer and terminal
  • life-cycle data and knowledge management
  • Inspection criteria is contract defined and thus integrated to WCS using mobile technology synchronized with central knowledge base for fast, accurate and timely inspection reporting.

Design review

  • Detailed analysis of manufacturing drawings
  • Elimination of errors, and poor design detail
  • Establish working relationship between Pure Services and customer, to create a single voice in front of crane manufacturer
  • Use Pure Services expert knowledge to reduce fabrication and assembly lead time.
  • Perform FEA upon fracture critical materials
  • Review and verify vessel planning and sea-fastenings
  • Detailed FEA for all load cases

Pure Services is able to offer a full structural finite element analysis of new crane designs to ensure the clients specified parameters are met, and if not, suggest design modifications to ensure compliance. The design review can encompass detailed consideration of the mechanisms, electro-mechanical systems, electrical design and control equipment specifications. Using our expert crane knowledge, agreement can be made between client and manufacturer, to ensure specification criteria are met.
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